The River View


Main Menu

Main Menu


Homemade Soup £4.25
Served with bread and butter

Cullen Skink Soup £5.20
(Gluten free bread available on request)
Smoked Haddock, Peppered Mackerel, Potato
and Onion Soup. Served with bread and butter

Halloumi £5.50 (v)(g)
Pan fried halloumi cheese served with a Sweet Chilli
sauce and salad garnish

Prawn Platter £6.50 (g)
Prawn platter served with a crisp salad and
Marie Rose sauce dressing

Chicken Pakora £5.95
Strips of chicken in a spicy batter
served with spiced onions

Chicken & Scotch Whisky Pate £6.25
Scotch whisky infused Chicken Liver pate Served
with toasted ciabatta and caramelised red onion chutney

Thai King Prawns £6.95
Breaded king prawns served with a Thai sweet
chilli dipping sauce

Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Terrine £6.95
Smoked salmon and beetroot gravadlax with a
smoked salmon mousse served with a toasted ciabatta

Prosecco Melon Cocktail £5.50 (v)(g)
Chilled pearls of melon, strawberries and fresh mint
drizzled prosecco served in a sugar rimmed glass

Main Courses

Fresh North Sea Haddock* £10.50
Served in breadcrumbs or batter

Cod In a Parsley Sauce* (g) £10.95
Fresh loin of cod in a parsley sauce

Salmon in a pink peppercorn sauce (g) £10.95
Fillet of salmon in a light sauce of prosecco and pink
peppercorns, butter and cream

Scampi* £10.95
Deep fried whole tail scampi

Wild Red Shrimp With Spaghetti £12.50
Argentinian wild red shrimp served with spaghetti and
bound in a tomato, chilli and white wine sauce

Elgin Steak Pie* £10.95
Homemade individual steak pie made
with prime Aberdeen Angus Beef

Roast beef* £10.95
HRoast beef in a red wine and mushroom Jus
served with Yorkshire pudding

Chicken Thai Red Curry £10.50
Served with white and wild rice and prawn crackers

Lemon Thyme Chicken* £10.95 (g)
Pan fried breast of chicken marinated in lemon and garlic
served with a light lemon, thyme and pancetta sauce
with a touch of butter and cream

Highland Chicken* £10.95
Breast of chicken stuffed with haggis in a whisky
and pepper sauce

Gammon Steak* £10.95 (g)
Served with a fried egg

Cold Platters £10.50
Choose between ham, chicken, prawn or selection of cheeses.
Help yourself to the salad bar for your salad and also
comes with chips, baked or boiled potatoes

Mushroom Wellington*(v) £9.95
Woodland mushrooms sautéed with onions, brie, cranberries and rocket in a creamy sauce encased
with puff pastry

Chicken & Bacon Tortellini £9.50
Served with a tomato and marscapone sauce

Spinach and ricotta Tortellini £8.95(v)
Served with a tomato and mascarpone sauce

Macaroni Mornay*(v) £8.95
Macaroni pasta bound in a rich cheese sauce with
strip of ham (vegetarian option without the ham)

* Mains marked with an asterisk come with boiled
potatoes, baked potato or chips and fresh
vegetables or salad from the salad bar. All other
Mains are served as described unless you wish
to order Side Orders.

Side Orders

Garlic Bread £2.95, Mozzarella Garlic Bread £3.50,
Onion Rings £2.00, Side of Chips £2.00,
Side of Potatoes(g) £2.00, Side of Salad £2.50,
Side of Vegetables(g) £2.00


Apple Pie £4.95
Served with ice cream, custard or cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.25
Served with ice cream, custard or cream

Raspberry Creme Brulee (G) £5.25

Mile High Chocolate Gateau £5.95
Served with ice cream or cream

Rum & Raisin Pudding £5.50
Served with ice cream, custard or cream

Passionfruit & Mango Cheesecake(g) £5.25
Served with ice cream or cream

Chocolate Nut Sundae(g) £5.25
Layered chocolate sauce, nuts and vanilla
ice cream topped with whipped cream

Pina Colada Sundae(g) £6.25
Pineapple soaked in malibu layered with coconut
ice cream, toasted coconut and passionfruit coulis.
Topped with whipped cream

Cheese Platter £6.95
Served with a selection of biscuits, grapes and
red onion chutney (gluten free oatcakes available)

Ice cream £3.50
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mint

Available sauces
Strawberry, Chocolate or Homemade toffee sauce

Sorbet £3.50
raspberry or mango

Freshly made pot of tea £1.95
Speciality Tea £2.05
Fresh Brewed Filter coffee £2.15
Cappuccino £2.35
Expresso £2.25
Latte £2.35

Liqueur Coffees with Mints £5.95
Parisienne Coffee, brandy sugar & cream
Jamaican   Coffee, dark rum sugar & cream
Calypso   Coffee, Tia Maria sugar & cream
Baileys  Coffee, Irish Cream sugar & cream
Gaelic Coffee, whisky sugar & cream
Irish    Coffee, Jamieson whisky sugar & cream
Scottish    Coffee, Coffee, Drambuie sugar & cream